Using your Kitchen Wisely

Enzymes, Vitamins and Minerals
Fruit and vegetables are brimming over with fibre, vital enzymes, vitamins and minerals – all of which are vital for our good health. A healthy diet will give your skin and hair a glow and your eyes a sparkle : great reasons to make more of your greens.

Five A Day
We are all being told to eat five fruits and vegetables every day. Sometimes this can be hard especially if you are not fond of your fruit and veg. Using our fruit and vegetable recipes are an excellent way to achieve this. Make a smoothie for breakfast, a chicken salad for lunch, and apple pie made with fresh apples for dessert. Does this sound good to you? 

Cooking and Baking
Have you tried making a banana cake or carrot cake – not only healthy but yummy? Have you tried cabbage rolls or roasted asparagus or homemade mushroom soup recipes? Find out how to cook mushrooms and spinach or how to pickle mangoes. Cooking with fruit and vegetables is anything but boring. Working Mums
A lot of mums are working today but this doesn’t mean that your child needs to live out of a packet or a jar. Our home-made fruit and vegetable recipes are easy and a lot of them are very quick. Make recipes in batches and freeze them, so they are easily available. Home Cooking
If you cook your own food you know exactly what has gone into it and you know how fresh and healthy it is. A lot of shop bought foods are full of chemicals and colorings which make children in particular hyper and sometime ill. Babies and young children grow at such a rate that they need a diet which is rich in nutrients and vitamins. I love easy to make meals, cakes and desserts and I love fruit and vegetables which is why I have tried to find simple recipes which are easy to follow, and are ones that I enjoy making myself. Fruit and vegetables are at the core of many recipes, many of which are healthy and some which are just wickedly deliciously unhealthy. The next time you hear the words, “What’s for dinner” it won’t be hard to answer. Go on, make cooking a pleasure and not a chore with our healthy fruit and vegetable recipes