Cold Kitchen

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. One doesn’t often consider a heart to be cold, but in the case of our kitchen, it is chilly, especially on the feet. When you have to wear shoes or thick slippers just to walk into your kitchen no matter what time of year, then you know you have a problem.

I can remember all the way back to my grandmother’s kitchen. It was always warm with the smell of just baked bread which came from the oven almost daily. It wasn’t fancy, it didn’t have huge amounts of counterspace, but it was warm. And it was the best place on Earth to be some days.

Not so my kitchen. We finally got to the point where we called an insulation contractor. ( And what he said really opened our eyes.

Our home is about 90 years old and we learned that our kitchen was originally a sleeping porch. Which meant that there really wasn’t anything under the floors of our kitchen other than dirt. Sure, it looked good from the outside and the joists were sturdy so there was really no alert to us that we were walking over raw earth. No wonder our feet were always cold. There was the tile, there was a subfloor, there were joists, and then a lot of air and then dirt. And not a lot of air to boot. About 12 inches or so.

It was a huge job that required a delicate hand. Fortunately, our contractor had a slight gentleman who could shimmy on his back underneath the kitchen (after an opening was created) and apply insulation via spraying a foam-like substance under the floor boards and between the joists. That was all it took…although it took a few hours due to the inconvenience of the narrow space.

The good news is that now we can walk on a room temperature floor instead of one that is chilled from below. Our kitchen is the warm heart of the home we always thought it should be and we have solved the mystery of cold feet in our house.  Warm bread and warm feet.  Ahhh.  Heaven.